Lunes de Aguas

This past Monday was a holiday in Salamanca.  It is celebrated every year on the Monday after semana santa.  Originally it was the day that the prostitutes were allowed back in the city after being banned to the other side of the river during lent.  Nowadays it is pretty much just an excuse for everyone to go down by the river and have a picnic.

I went down to the river at about 4 PM with some friends, a bocadillo and the makings for calimocho (cheap red wine and coca cola).  It cracked me up the the place was literally packed, and people just stayed out there all day.  It was all good until we had to go to the bathroom and wait in a very long line.  On one of my visits another girl that I don’t know actually came into the stall with me while I was mid squat.  But I think we were both a few calimochos deep by that point so it didn’t really bother me haha. The best part of it all was that we got to  postpone the return to class by one more day, something I never oppose.


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  1. Lisa Harrison

    oops, I left my comment under the last picture..should have put it here. Oh well, look for it there….XXOO

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