My friend Erin from ISA was planned a day trip to Burgos on Saturday and invited me along.  We left bright and early for a two hour train ride to the city.  We went without much of a plan, which is really the way I like to travel.  However, getting to the train station that is far outside of the city at 9 AM on a holiday weekend means there is not a whole lot going on in the transportation department.  So we decided to wait for a taxi or a bus and take whichever got there first.  After a half hour we got the first taxi we had seen.  The driver asked “where to?” and we said the center.  He didn’t seem to understand exactly where so we just said we ant to start at a cafe so somewhere in the center.  So he took us to a great little place and we got our beloved cafe con leches and a muffin.

Then we headed over to the Cathedral which is apparently known as the best gothic cathedral in Spain.  I was really incredible, and so different from many of the cathedrals that I have seen.  Erin and I spent most of our morning walking around the HUGE building.  Erin had written a paper on the cathedral for her art history class so she was my personal tour guide.

After the cathedral we went to the tourism office to see what we should do next.  Unfortunately the busses going to the other 2 big tourist locations don’t run on Saturdays so we had to pick somehting a little ore central.  We saw there was a castle so we obviously decided to go there.  We walked up an enormous hill only to discover that by castle they meant a stone wall surrounding and dirt courtyard.  It wasn’t exactly breath taking but we did get a great view of the city.

For lunch we met up with Erin’s friend Natalia who took us to a great place that sells everything for one Euro.  We each had a caña and mini bocadillos.  Burgos is famous for their morcilla, which is blood sausage, so we had to try it.  I had eaten it before but it was definitely better in Burgos, Erin was a little hesitant to try it but she did and was pleasantly surprised.

The train ride back made Erin and I feel a little sick.  I think it was just the mixture of coffee, beer, morcilla, walking around all day and the train’s motions.  But all in all it was a lovely little day trip and now I can mark one more Spanish city off the list.  As always here are a few pictures:



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3 responses to “Burgos

  1. Elizabeth

    Sounds so fun! Such great pictures!!!

  2. Mary

    Morcilla?????? No, never!!!! Great blog, Whit!! And great photos!!!

  3. Lisa Harrison

    I finally read this Whitney! Great story about your day in Burgos and definitely, it was the Morcilla that made you feel pukey…def….love the pictures! XXOO mom

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