It is Semana Santa here in Spain aka Spring Break.  As Spain is a very Catholic country with a very religious history and traditions, this week before Easter is filled with processions and ceremonies.  I checked out my first full one EARLY this morning with Fran and Carmen.  We met at 4 AM to get a spot and watched the procession that started at 5 and we stayed until 7.  Now this might come as a surprise to some of you, but this was not my first time being out on the streets of Salamanca at these hours.  However,  that is usually because I haven’t gone to bed yet, not because I have just woken up, so it was definitely a new experience.

The procession was very beautiful.  The Church lit up against the dark night sky  made for an incredible backdrop.  It was nice going with Fran and Carmen because they explained what all the colors and costumes signified.  I think I was most shocked by the fact that several people did the whole thing barefoot, I was wearing boots and 2 pairs of socks and still could not feel my feet by the end.

At 7 AM we had pretty much seen it all and decided to leave.   Fran then spoke the word of my religion and invited me to churros with chocolate, which is definitely a spanish custom I have grown VERY fond of haha.  Here are a few pictures of my procession experience, my camera is horrible at taking pictures in the dark, so they aren’t the best quality.


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