Un poco de todo

So I didn’t travel or do anything too out of the ordinary this weekend so I thought I’d just give a general update.  It all started Thursday night when I went out with Lisa and had way too much fun.  It you have seen the pictures she posted on facebook than you have seen enough! apparently I scared the boy I was dancing with in one of the discotecas because I was dancing too aggressively… story of my life ahaha.

Friday was rather uneventful, but Saturday I was much more productive.  I started the day by going to the university’s art building to meet my friend Carlos.  This is the place where he and a lo of my friends spend the majority of their time so it was nice to finally see it.  I also got to see some of the pieces they are working on and have completed.

Then on my way home I was extremely excited because it was a beautiful day! It was not that cold, I actually had to take off my scarf because it was too warm!  In the plaza it got even better because there were tons of people out and sitting on the ground and the benches.  It reminded me of those first weeks in the summer.  Unfortunately, it actually snowed just a few hours later at around midnight.  But today is Monday and it is another beautiful day, so hopefully it stays that way.

That night I went out to dinner for my roommate Hadley’s birthday.  We went to this mexican food restaurant which is really good.  It was fun celebrating with her.  After dinner we went to the infamous Paniagua for a little bit to keep the celebration going.  After a few hours there I went to another bar called “Ciao” which is just around the corner from Paniagua.  I went there to meet my friends Carlos and Maria and Maria’s boyfriend Alberto.  That is definitely my favorite place to go because they place the best music and I love dancing so it is a perfect match.  We had a lot of luck that night because we met a famous spanish actress! I have no idea who she is but someone told me she was famous so I obviously asked for a picture haha.  I know she is famous though because my host mom told me she recognized her, and that she is very talented.

As always, here are a few pictures:


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