So I think it is safe to say that Germany now has a special place in my heart.  I loved that country after spending the Christmas holidays there this year, and this past weekend I had the opportunity to visit again.  My friends Carlos, Maria and Rocillo have a friend, Silvia, studying abroad in Heidelberg, a small city about the size of Salamamanca.  They all wanted to visit her and invited me, so I jumped at the chance and returned to the land of beer, sausages and really cold weather.  It was 5 incredible days in Germany and a great chance to spend time with the great friends I have made here in Spain.

Traveling from one small city to another is no easy feat, so the 3 hour bus to madrid, 2 hour flight to Frankfurt and the other 2 hour bus to heidelberg ended up taking all day.  By the time we finally got to Heidelberg at about 10:30 PM on Wednesday I was pretty exhausted, and unfortunately I stayed that way pretty much the whole trip.  But, that didn’t stop me from having a great time, although my friends now are convinced I have a problem as I can literally fall asleep in any location.

Silvia was our tour guide of Heidelberg on Thursday and Friday and she did a great job.  We had relatively pretty days to do our sightseeing, but it was still freezing cold.  On Saturday we woke up early to catch a 5 AM train to Munich for the day.  It was snowing, which made the 30 minute walk to the train station beautiful, but made us walk a little but faster so that we could get there faster.  We spent the day seeing sights in Munich and went to two museums.  The first was the Museum of Contemporary Art, it had a lot of Andy Warhol pieces so that was very of cool.  Then after lunch we went to the Glytothek which was also very interesting, although after being up since 4 AM I kind of started to drag at the end of that one.  We ended up not taking a train back to Heidelberg until 6 AM Sunday morning because that was the only one that we could catch.  I still can’t believe we stayed awake that whole time, especially while it was snowing and freezing cold.  But somehow we powered through, although about the last 3 hours we spent in a bar I am pretty sure each one of us “let our eyes rest” a little bit.  The next day Carlos said he remembered the night before like it was a dream, we all told him that was probably because he spent it sleeping haha.

It was also kind of amusing to see Spaniards out of their element.  I have only traveled with Americans so far so it is usually the same types of things that we notice, plus I think we are so used to being out of our element that somethings don’t even phase us anymore.  It was interesting to observe spaniards take in something new.  Some observations I remember them making were: that people were so quiet at a bar in the airport at 7Pm Wednesday afternoon, the kebabs we had for dinner on Friday were extremely big, “what is this salad” refering to saurkraut.  And my favorite was when Maria said “so cool!” when Silvia told her that the bars always have toilet paper in the bathrooms.

So Germany is definitely 2 for 2.  I have had two great trips with amazing sights, food and memories. I am always aware of how lucky I am to be able to do all things I am doing here in Spain, but weirdly enough both times I have gone to Germany have really intensified and increased that feeling.



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2 responses to “Alemania

  1. Mary

    Sounds like you all have a fantastic time!!! So, Whitney, did you only speak Spanish the entire time!?? As for the toilet paper, can you imagine what Maria might say if you told her about toilet seat covers!!!!????

  2. wgharris

    yes there was little to no english spoken on this trip. Only to speak to strangers and a few times when I had just woken up I accidentally said a few things in english, which was always kind of funny lol. and judging by her excitement for toilet paper, I am sure Maria will be filled with joy when she discovers the world of seat covers hahaa

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