One of my oldest and dearest friends Kristy is studying abroad in London this semester, so I took the opportunity to see her while seeing London.  I got in late Thursday night and was immediately thrilled to be there.  I loved hearing the british accents and seeing all the british trademark things like phone boots and the double-decker busses.

Kristy has now been in London for almost two months so she definitely knows her way around, and having those qualities makes tourism so much better!  So with Kristy’s London expertise and my London enthusiasm we woke up early Friday morning and headed out to see all the sights.  We went to so many exciting spots and lucked out with a very beautiful day.  I loved going to the borough market because it was a great chance to get some quality people watching in and we got to sample several cheeses, jams and a plethora of other things.  There was a “spanish foods” section which was kind of funny because I hardly recognized any of the dishes.

On Saturday we went to Kensington Palace and Hyde park which was again accompanied by a beautiful day.  Kensington Palace had an exhibition of Princess Diana’s dresses which was really awesome.  In Hyde Park we saw the Peter Pan statue which, after a day and a half of nonstop walking, and then a long search for the darn thing, was a little underwhelming. But we have our pic with the statue so who couldn’t complain.  That night we went out to a club and definitely played the night with the idea of “whatever happens happens” which is my favorite attitude to adopt. After a few hours of dancing to strange, but nevertheless danceable, music we headed out with two cambidge graduates who took us to have “the best kebabs in London”. They definitely were very yummy!  The only bad part was that they said my british accent impersonation was “total rubbish”.  I guess British won’t be going on my accent resume after all.

We then took the night buss back to Kristy’s place and everyone else went to sleep.  I on the other hand decided to stay awake for the two hours before I had to leave to catch the bus to the airport.    The trip back was not my greatest as it ended with a 6 hour wait for a bus from Madrid to Salamanca.  It is a long story that I won’t get into but it wasn’t all bad because that ended with me having a café con leche with two spanish couples also headed back to Salamanca.  Even though Sunday was a terrible day to be sleep deprived and bus deprived, I had an AMAZING weekend.  I loved London and I definitely have to go back for more time.  It was also wonderful seeing Kristy and catching up with her, it was the longest time we haven’t seen each other since we were like 12 so we really had a lovely time.  Plus, she was also so nice in letting me stay (for free) in her flat and playing hard core tour guide.  Unfortunately I’ve been having problems with uploading pictures on Facebook so here are a few pics until I get the rest up:


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One response to “LONDON Town

  1. Kristy

    you left out when the little kids on the tube were reading the sign and when they didnt want to leave.

    “but we’re entertaining people!”

    Other than that, this was perfect. So much fun 🙂

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