I went on an ISA excursion this past weekend to Sevilla.  It was actually my favorite spanish city so far, except for Salamanca of course! It was definitely a big city but it felt very small and comfortable at the same time.  It also looked the most “European looking”, or at least closest to my idea of “European looking,” out of all the spanish cities I have visited.

We got to Sevilla on Friday in the early after noon and immediately went for a walking tour of the city.  We thought Sevilla would be a nice break from the freezing temperatures in Salamanca, but we were sadly mistaken.  This tour was freezing and raining.  Luckily it wasn’t raining on Saturday, but it did stay cold for our morning trips to the Alcazar and cathedral.   My friend Erin from ISA has family friends who live in Sevilla and invited me to their house for dinner on Saturday.  It was really neat to meet a true Sevillan family and eat some amazing food! They were a really neat family too, they are from Sevilla but have spent several years living in different countries all over the world.

On Sunday we woke up bright an early and headed back to Salamanca but first stopped at Italica which is an old Roman city and site of greatly preserved roman ruins.  First we saw an old amphitheater which was really neat, almost a mini version of the Coliseum.  But my favorite part of this stop was seeing several foundations of old houses.  The coolest part of these ruins was that many of the mosaics that the Romans used to decorate their floors were still intact.  It was amazing to think I was standing in the same spot that hundreds of people lived out their daily lives over 2,200 years ago.  After all my tourist stops throughout Europe, it still amazes me when I really try to comprehend just how old so many of these buildings are.

Here are a few pictures from my weekend:


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  1. Lisa Harrison

    Loved the entry Whitney and I especially loved the pictures. The mosaics are incredible…in such great condition! So, what does a typical family from Sevilla eat for dinner??? XXOO Mom

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