Fiesta Mafiosa

This past friday was my first spanish costume party, and man that is an american university custom that I have really missed.  My friends Carlos and María had the party at their house and invited tons of their friends.  The theme was “mafia” and everyone went all out on their costumes because the invitation promised that “if you don’t dress up, you don’t enter!”.  So I had a lot of fun picking out things to wear and of course had a great time at the party.

Over the past few months I have been lucky enough to spend many nights and days out with Carlos and María and many of their friends.  This weekend, several of their old friends that live in other cities visited for the big party.  So this weekend was kind of like a big reunion and I loved being there along for the ride.  It has been a nice few days of long lunches at their apartment, tasty  dinners and of course long nights out.

So after several missed meals and many hours out of the house, my host mom Lourdes has now repeatedly asked me if I have a boyfriend.  Which I don’t, lol in case you were wondering.  But as I told mama Lourdes, I promise to let you know if my status in that department changes.

Here are some pictures from the party…..


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  1. Mary

    Soooo, you finally went to the costume party!!! Who helped you with the costumes?? Sounds like you all have a great time. (and I am stillllll waiting for the Germany pics!!!!!!)

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