So January was the month I thought would pass by very slowly, but here we are, January has flown by just like the rest of them.  I started out this month, or I guess I should say this year, in Austria and then to Germany and then back to Spain.  The first few days were really slow, I was back in Salamanca which was kind of dead.  All the foreign students I knew had left after the semester or gone home for Christmas and all of my spanish friends either hadn’t come back to Salamanca yet or were busy studying for their exams.  So during those first few days I got back acquainted with my home, and my host family.  Then my cousin Lisa (who lives in Salamanca) and my other cousin Caitlin (who was visiting) got here and I finally had some other people to talk to.

Caitlin’s visit was really fun, it was really nice getting to see other family and having quality cousin time.  We spent a lot of our nights going out for tapas and copas and of course showing Caitlin all around.  Since Lisa is in the Translation program,  all of her friends speak english.  So it was quite convenient because Caitlin could actually get to know them all, and we all had a great time.

Of course Caitlin also had to be introduced to the infamous “Collía Express”.  These outings on the express were especially intense and will definitely go down on my list of favorites.  The first was when we got a private tour of the university library, which houses thousands of books dating back to times before Christopher Columbus was even born.  This visit was especially cool because most people can’t even go inside, and we got a tour and a special look at the books.  The oldest we saw was a bible from the 13th century, it was made of sheep skin and entirely hand written.  Truly amazing.  I also enjoyed the display that showed things found inside some of the books, like notes written by students from the 1700’s, newspaper articles and a condom made from pigs skin.  Of course this outing was then followed by a visit to a bar with tons of wine, cheese and meat…. oh those who know Paco truly know life.

The other notable outing was what I will forever remember as “the day of the steaks”.  So we met for some wine and tapas before, as always, but then the big daddy came when we went to the restaurant for the actual lunch.  We sat down and were served the biggest steaks I have ever seen.  This was kind of disappointing because I have always thought that Big Food was America’s specialty, but no haha.  It was an experience to eat that thing, but the shocking part is that at the end of the meal, the three of us Hawkins girls were surprised by how we weren’t even that full.  But, I am sure the look on the three of our faces after we were served that huge steak would have said that we thought otherwise.

Now Caitlin has gone home and Lisa and I need to get back into the swing of things.  I started my classes with spaniards on Monday and so far so good.  It is really nice to have sociology classes again, I have missed them since being away from UCLA! lol but my two literature classes will definitely be demanding, but working that much harder will just make the fun parts that much better!

So here’s to January- The greatest start to a year I have had so far!!!!



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3 responses to “January

  1. Lisa Harrison

    Beautiful Whitney! Kind of makes me sad that January is almost over! And I am so Jeal of your Express outings….not sure which makes me more jealous…the steaks or the books!

  2. Elizabeth

    I loved your Blog Jarritas-made me super jealous 🙂 I am so happy that you are having such a great time!

  3. Mary

    Great blog, Whit!!!! Wow, time is sure going by fast but you all seem to be making the most of it!!! Great pics….but I am still waiting for the Germany pics!!!!! ahem….

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