So I am pretty delayed in posting this as I have been back in Spain for over a week now, but I thought I would still write about my trip to Germany over Christmas break.  I went to visit long time friends of my family who live in Augsburg, about an hour west of Munich.

It was SO much fun and I really got a great feel for the culture of that area, and it was definitely a culture I could get used to.  Here are some of the things I really loved or thought were interesting about Germany (in no particular order):

1. Long drives in Germany- We did quit a bit of driving and it was always the most incredible views.  Whether it was going through the wine country north of Augsburg or seeing the Alps covered in snow towards the south, it was always beautiful.  ALSO, there is no speed limit in Germany, so the average speed that we traveled on the highway was about 115 miles/hour, which feels kind of scary and really awesome at the same time.

2.  Feathers- When Christel showed me my room in their house she asked me “do you have a problem with feathers?” I literally laughed out loud before I realized she was serious lol, then I told her that I defintiely did not have a problem with those little pices of heaven.  So between that bed, and the two hotel beds I slept in over the trip, I can confidently say I am a huge fan of German sleeping situations, with their down comforter and pillows they seriously felt magnificent.

3.Glühwein- This is a typical drink served in German speaking countries. It is hot wine and very good! I had it a few times at the Christmas market down town and at the outdoor hockey game (which we watched while standing in the snow).  They serve it in these little coffee mugs and it is the perfect little something to drink to help warm you up.

4.  The Snow- The first day I woke up in Augsburg I looked outside the window and saw everything covered in snow.  It was so cozy and I kept just daydreaming out the window while I watched it fall.  I think the last time I saw snow was about 8 years ago in big bear.  so this was definitely exciting to see, and I felt like a little kid pumped up for a snow day.  In Austria, Bernd, Juliane and I went on a walk through the mountains.  During the walk the snow really picked up, it felt like it was a blizzard with snow just flying into your face.  I was always a long ways behind them because I had to keep stopping to make a snow ball or just see how far my foot would go in a big pile of snow.  It was really quite fun haha.

5. Food- The food was seriously soooo good at every meal.  It was very different from american food, and VERY different from spanish food, so it was really something new.  Our breakfasts were usually bread with butter and meat and cheese.  Then maybe sausages and pretzels for lunch and then of course a really incredible type of meat with potatoes and salad or something for dinner.  It was also lucky being there for christmas because I got to try all of the typical christmas pastries and desserts.  Streusel was one of my favorites, any dessert with a thick coat of sugar and butter definitely sits well with me.

6. Cappuccinos- In every country I have gone to in Europe I have tried to find out what the typical coffee drink is that is the best and that everyone gets.  In spain and portugal it is cafe con leche, in Italy it was a cafe latte and in Germany it was their cappuccinos.  Really great coffee, and the best part was that they always served it with a little cookie, so it was basically one of my favorite combinations.

7.  The Nills- Bernd, Christel, Katharina and Juliane were all so incredible.  I was so lucky to be able to go and visit them, having never really known them before, they really made me feel like family from the first moment.  They were soooo generous and were always trying to make sure I was experiencing german culture to the fullest.  They took me to Austria for New Years and all around Munich and Augsburg before that.  I think the best part of the trip was all the nights we would just sit around and talk about anything, over a bottle (or two haha) of wine.  It was really great getting to know the friends that I have always heard so much about from my family, and I really feel like they are family of mine now too.  The best part was seeing all the old pictures and hearing stories, especially about Grandma Lee, who they are all VERY fond of.

Well I don’t know when I will go back to Germany, but I definitely know it is something I want to do.  It was a really great trip.



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4 responses to “Germany

  1. Mary

    Great entry, although I am still waiting for the photos!!!!! Come on, Whitney, the photos!!!!!

  2. Lisa Harrison

    Hey Whitney….I finally read this and I LOVED it! I think you did a great job of capturing your time in Germany. And now you get to right another in stallment: “Germany, the Heidelberg days”. I agree with Mary, get the pictures on!

  3. Lisa Harrison

    oops, I mean you get to WRITE antoher installment. Momma needs a proof reader.

  4. Catherine Rowe

    I finally just read this Whitney…great description of everything (I felt like I was there and I wish I was) and did you give the Nills your blog address? And,
    I’m with mary and Lisa…photos please. What ya been doin’…studyin’????

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