So far the award for most touristy trip goes to Italy! haha I just got back yesterday and am still so excited about everything I did and saw.  I started out in Milan and met up with Gregory (who is studying there).  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much of Milan, I actually never saw the sun rise, because my flight got in at 11 PM and we left the next morning at 7 AM.  I was sad to not get the cultural feel for one of the fashion capitals of the world but the rest of my trip definitely made up for it.

At such and early hour Gregory, his roommate Courtney and I were off to Florence.  After 3 hours on train we arrived and began the search for our hostel, in the rain.  When we FINALLY made it to the address of our hostel we were greeted by about a half mile drive-way to its front door.  But after that mess we checked in and then were off on our Italian adventure.  That first day we went to the Duomo and then climbed the tower next to it.  By far the best part of Florence, and maybe even the trip, was seeing Michelangelo’s “David” statue.  I know everyone says it is amazing, and I am no art expert, but I could seriously  marvel at that thing for days at a time.

After two days in Florence we headed to Rome where we met another of Gregory’s roommates.  Rome was incredible, we would just turn a random corner and run into some huge beautiful building that we had no idea what it was for.  When we first got into the center of the city I was overwhelmed with this feeling of intense excitement.  To my left I saw the Coliseum and on the right the Roman forum and plenty of other gorgeous architecture in between.  Going inside all of these places was surreal an it was so interesting to learn new parts about it all.  The next day we went to the Vatican and all of our jaws dropped as we saw a line stretch down three blocks and was estimated to last at least 3 and a half hours.  So we ended up giving in and paying for one of the MANY “english tours that will let you skip the line”.  The tour actually ended up being really cool because our tour guide pointed out several details about the Sistine chapel that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.  My favorite was that Michelangelo painted an angel flipping off the Pope that he hated.

The trip was really amazing, I am so happy to have been able to go.  It was great catching up with Gregory who literally makes me laugh like no other.  It was also a different experience traveling with all boys.  For instance, I did zero shopping, and I maintained the steady role of follower as the boys busied themselves with maps and directions.  It also helped that they all speak Italian, which by the way is almost too confusingly close to spanish.  In one Gelatería, a man was speaking with Gregory about the United States, when we left I was so excited because I thought I had understood it all.  I was like “so he has been to New York tons of times but now wants to go to other parts?” and Gregory was like “no…he has never been to the US and wants to go to New York really bad”.  Lol whatever, close enoguh.

So now I am back in Salamanca for just over a week before I head off to Germany for Christmas.  I can’t believe it is already that time of year, it is going sooo fast.  I am just comforted by the fact that I haven’t hit the half way mark yet.  Hope everyone is doing great! Merry Christmas and update me!



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3 responses to “Italia

  1. Mary

    Wow Whitney after reading this and seeing all your photos, there is no doubt you had a wonderful time!! Can’t wait to talk to you and find out all the details!!!

  2. Caitlin

    This sounds like so much fun!! and Germany for Christmas sounds amazing as well.

    Reading this makes me super excited for visiting!!! See you soon and remember that our LCR games will not be loud enough without you here this xmas season 🙂

  3. Kristy

    LOL I can picture you asking greg if that was what the man said, and i can picture him telling you no. Aww I cant wait until I see you!

    I think travelling with boys might be an amazing way to save money haha im going to think about doing that often! (but not too often, we gotta get some good souvenirs )

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