Wheels are turning…

Just a quick check-in with an interesting update.

Yesterday I was skyping with William, my big bro, and we were talking about one of his snuggies.  Or actually it was his Fuzzy Wuzzy, apparently it is the new version of the snuggie with major motifications.  I wanted to say something about them taking the snuggie and improving it.  But when I said it, the spanish word for improve, mejorar,  came to mind before improve did. 

So Folks, the wheels are turning! At least I will for sure come back to America fluent in Spanglish.



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3 responses to “Wheels are turning…

  1. Kristy

    ahaha welcome to my world. That happens SO often.

    If you come back fluent in spanglish you can talk to my roommate Mayra, she constantly forgets to stick to the same language. It’s kind of hilarious. The two of you pueden hablar in spanish and ingles. 😉

  2. Mary

    I’ll bet it will be more “fluent in Spanish”!!!

  3. barbara hawkins

    Okay! Like you say, “it’s happening!”

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