Ciudad Rodrigo

Sorry I have been MIA, I hope the little break didn’t make it so that everyone stopped checking and now no one will read this lol… but anyways I am actually supposed to be studying for my history test tomorrow, but instead I am back to my blog, the perfect tool for procrastination! so basically nothing here is different from home lol

Okay but anyways, last weekend my ISA group had an excursion to a few different pueblos that are close to Salamanca and then we ended in Ciudad Rodrigo.  It was a pretty cool trip, we saw a lot of neat views and it was cool to visit small pueblos.  But I think we spent a little bit too much time in each place so by the end I was kind of exhausted.  I thought however that I would just share a good story from the trip.  So on the saturday night three friends of mine from ISA and I went out to dinner.  We thought we would hit up the Plaza Mayor and were counting on the same type of Plaza we have in Salamanca, well the PLaza Mayor in Ciudad Rodrigo is really more like a wide street, and on a Saturday night at 10 pm it seemed like no one was out, so that was kind of disappointing, but it made us even more grateful to have the amazing Plaza in Salamanca.

So we didn’t know where we should go to but luckily we saw one of our directors from ISA on the street who suggested a few cheap restaurants.  Thats how we ended up at the hamburger place.  I ordered “la hamburguesa de la casa” which included fried egg, lettuce, tomato, jamón, and beef.  It was a pretty intense burger, but soooo good! I of course took a pic first, it’s at the bottom of the post.

So after we ate the bomb burgers, we sat and talked for a really long time (the girls I was with were really nice and we laughed a lot).  So when we were ready to leave we were about the last people in the restaurant, except a group of about 6 men standing by the bar.  We went to pay the bill, which turned into a headache because everyone only had twenties and we were trying to figure out how to pay.  One of the men at the bar ended up handing all the money we had laid down and then putting down a 50 of his own to pay our nearly 30 Euro bill.  I was stunned, I don’t know if he was jut annoyed by how long we were taking to pay, or if he was hoping for something more, but we definitely didn’t give it to him.  We were just like “Thank you… Bye!”.  So that whole experience made the night a little bit more exciting, and worth it financially!

The next day we took a tour of the city and visited the cathedral, but my favorite part was going to the “Museo del Orinal” which mean Museum of Chamber Pots.  It was rather bizare, and definitely one of my favorite museums I have visited while in Europe.  There were hundreds of chamber pots… here are my two favorites!



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6 responses to “Ciudad Rodrigo

  1. Mary

    I am not convinced with that hamburguesa de la casa…..hmmmm , and for some reason all those chamber pots made me think of Giles….maybe it was that song he used to sing “toreadora, don’t spit on the floora, toreadora use the cuspadora….” who knows.. Anyway good to see you back blogging!!!!!

    • wgharris

      haha mary trust me on the burger! it was delicious! not something i would want to eat every day but it certainly did hit the spot…. and being free makes me remember it even better! haha

  2. Trish

    Oh…my…gosh….that burger (actually, more than a burger, it’s really an event, that thing….), those chamber pots!! There’s so much to see and experience in this world!!

    I haven’t checked your blog in a while, so it’s fun to get caught up on all your activities….what a time you’re having, Whitney!!! Woo hoo!! Sending lots of XXXX’s and OOOOO’s!

    • wgharris

      Haha Trish you got that right!!! that burger still graces my day dreaming hunger cravings.
      And more blog posts very soon!!!

  3. Kristy

    lol caca culo.. gross!

    that burger looks delicious though. 🙂

  4. barbara hawkins

    Hey Whitney! Ciudad Rodrigo was the town we used to stop in en route to Portugal to get our visas renewed! So weird to hear that you went there! Things have improved, though–they never had burgers like that! It was the first time I saw people get gored by a bull, though. …I guess that should count for something, though…. 🙂

    Love reading your blog, even if I have to play catch-up!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, sweets! Hope to see and talk to you during the community skype session…
    Lots of love,

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