So I broke the one rule most people give to Americans while studying abroad.  I am not going to try to cover it up, or lie about it, I will just come right out with it.  So, the other night I went to the McDonalds in Salamanca….. but wait!!! Let me explain!….

I was actually doing an intercambio with Lourdes (her picture is in my ¡fiesta fiesta! post).  Well it just so happens that she LOVES McDonalds, and wanted to go there for ice cream, and I didn’t want to break the flow of our great spanish practice so I followed her lead.

But I did notice some interesting differences about the spanish mcdonalds. #1 It is kind of expensive here! a big mac was almost 7 euros, which equals about $10.  I have no idea what big macs cost in the US but that seemed like a lot.  #2 They don’t do free refills! I am also guessing they don’t sell 44 oz drinks either haha.

But it was kind of nice to walk in and smell that familiar scent of high cholesterol french fries and fatty burgers.  I felt like I was home for a bit. Just a one time thing, won’t be doing it again… unless another spaniard invites me! lol



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7 responses to “Guilty

  1. Mary

    Maybe it is time to fill Lourdes in on the reasons McDonalds should be avoided….now that could be an interesting intercambio!!! Anyway, Whit, just this ONCE, ok??

  2. Lisa Harrison

    Whitney, you go to McDonalds whenever you need to girlfriend. It is the least Salamanca can do for you for all you are doing for it! But yes, do take a Spaniard with you!! XXOO Mom

    PS…how did the ice cream compare to the ones here?

  3. Kristy

    omg do they call the happy meal “comida feliz”? or “desayuno feliz”? or any variation with “feliz” in it?? lol

  4. es muy caro, de verdad.

    yo mismo–he conocido intercambios que les gusta mucha mcdonald’s. no podria creerlo.

    eres un muy buena escritor, whitney. ¡me alegra que he econtrado tu blog!

    hasta pronto.

  5. lisitainspain

    They don’t do free refills, but you can choose beer as your beverage!

  6. barbara hawkins

    I agree with Lisa–you do your girlfriending wherever it takes you, and if it takes you to Mickie-D’s every once in awhile, well so be it! I’ve just been catching up on your blog–it’s great fun to read!

    So, any Spanish plans for Halloween? Maybe you could somewhere as Harlem Globetrotters feasting on Big Macs….

    Okay, be well, and keep on enjoying yourself. I love reading the blog!
    L, Barbara

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