So this is definitely a less exciting post than my previous ones :/ but I thought I would just talk a little about what I am technically here for, school.  Apparently the whole study abroad thing actually does include studying, not just consuming paella and cafe con leches (another :/ face).

During the month of September I was in an intensive month of Spanish review, and when I say intensive I really mean it was like going back to high school, hour long classes with the same people, in the same building.  Plus I never really got that much homework.  Now those classes are done and gone…. I got good grades in all of them:).  On Tuesday I started my new classes which I will have until December.

My classes include: Spanish History, Geography, Literature and Language.  They are all taught in spanish and by spanish University of Salamanca professors, but it is still in the international department so there are no spanish students.  I was definitely surprised upon receiving the syllabi for the classes because I realized the already obvious fact that these are actual classes.  I guess the laid back atmosphere of the past month gave me false hopes about education in Spain.  Anyways I am a little intimidated to have to write papers in spanish, and my literature home work this weekend is to read seven old spanish poems and describe which point in history they are talking about.  I know my spanish is improving but it is still early this is definitely a huge step up.  So I will get back to you on how it all goes lol.

The good news is that I don’t have class on fridays! and my grades here won’t affect my GPA at UCLA, so I technically just have to not fail my classes and I will be fine.  So with the pressure of grades gone I am sure I will still have no problem working in the consumption of paella and cafe con leches :).



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5 responses to “classes…

  1. Mary

    Whitney, please, you are not going to have any problems!!! And it is not like you don’t have resources!!!!

  2. Lisa Harrison

    Love the update Whitney. I still owe you an email and I will get on that asap. Love you and keep on bloggin’!!! XXOO Mom

    • wgharris

      yeah you do! but i understand, i’d hate for you to take time away from your packed schedule of yoga and walking to write a few sentences to your daughter whom you haven’t seen in a month. I get it…

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