Things on my Tourists todo list: sit in the Plaza Mayor and people watch…Check, go to a bull fight… Check, Learn how to make paella… CHECK!

So Paco and Carmen had Lisa and I over to their apartment to learn how to make Paella.  Paco was not too interested in making the Paella, instead he busied himself with showing Lisa newspapers and opening bottles of wine.  Carmen is a great cook! so it was so exciting to learn the traditional dish from her.  When we got there she had all the ingredients ready like it was a show on the food netwrok.  So when we watched her make the paella it seemed pretty simple, but i will get back to you when i attempt it on my own from the beginning.

Once it was ready we all sat down and ate it, which was of course my favorite part.  We sat there for a very long time just talking, well I was doing a lot more listening and trying to keep up then actually speaking, but it was still great.  Hopefully Carmen has us over to teach us how to make more soon, she said several times that since she only has two sons she was very excited to finally have girls to teach these things to.



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4 responses to “¡Paella!

  1. Lisa Harrison

    LOVE IT!!!! I want some!!! I want the wine, I want the paella, I want to be with Carmen while she teaches me how to make paella…I want it all!!! The pics are fantastic and I am so hungry for….PAELLA!!!!!! Great job Whit! XXOO Mom

  2. Mary

    Whitney!! Great entry! and great pics!! Suddenly I am hungry for paella!! Keep the entries coming!!

  3. Kristy

    you know you are going to have to reproduce that when you come back!! I wanna try it!

  4. Catherine Rowe

    Yum is all I can say…and good luck with those classes. Yikes! They sound hard. I’d offer to help you with them but then you may not manage to squeak by with just passing. :0)

    Def…when you come back you gotta share the tricks and techniques of paella making.

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