Last night I entered hard core tourist mode as I experienced my first bull fight.  They have been holding bull fights here in Salamanca all week so the topic has come up in class a few times.  I was repeatedly warned that it is a difficult production to watch and that there would be a lot of blood.  I was a little nervous about going but my program offered to pay half of the ticket so I figured it was now or never.

While not all Spaniards are fans of bull fights, it was clear upon entering the stadium that the ones who go definitely are.  The man sitting next to me had gone to the bull fight every night that week and I am pretty sure he knew everything there was to know.  He kept turing to me and telling me what was going on, or his opinion of the bull (which was usually not very nice).  Besides something about some saint and the sun, I was able to understand him which made e really excited, because usually old men rattling off about bulls would be impossible for me to follow.

Everything that people had said about the fights being gruesome was definitely true, but I took everyones advice and looked at it as how it’s meant to be.  It was pretty incredible to watch the Toreros have the bull come so close to them, and I decided that I am a huge fan of the Toreros’ pants, they suit them so well lol.   In the end the bull fights were a really neat thing to watch, at one point during the fight it hit me that I was sitting in Spain at a bull fight, obvious I know, but it still blew my mind. I don’t know if I would ever go again but it was definitely cool to see.  Below are some pictures I took…



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3 responses to “Toros

  1. Katherine


    I am LOVVVVINNNNNNNN this blog!
    I am soooo happy you are having so much fun! We need to set up a time to skype so i can see yo prettyyyyy face!!!
    I totally had that ” wait I cant believe I am actually here feeling” for about… well.. 3 months. hahaha take advantage of it! its a great feeling! unforgettable for sure!
    Alssssooooo, I have some great pics to show you of me in a bull ring being a toreno! Luckily the bulls were napping ( or something) and I was safe! Also, mad props to you for actually going to a fight. Maybe Im just an idiot but I didnt actually know they KILLLLLED the bulls until I was actually in Spain. Im starting to think my parents hid that fact from me when I was younger because I was out trying to be Dr. Dolittle. So I was more than shocked to hear the poor guys died. but Im sure the sport was awesommmmme to watch.

    Anyway, miss you tons!
    keep the updates coming!!!!

  2. Mary

    Hey I never got to talk to you about how you liked the bull fights!! Now I know!! Great blog, Whit!!

  3. Catherine Rowe

    Hi Whit,
    I remember the first time we went to a bull fight in Spain…I was 15 and had pretty much the same reaction as you, though we really hadn’t had anyone telling us to be prepared. Well, I guess my dad kinda did…At that fight one of the premier bullfighters was there, El Cordobes. He did 2 fights and in the 2nd one he got gored. He looked REALLY good in his leeetttllle tight pantolones, tanbien. Also, a bull jumped over the edge of the ring and was running around that outside circle between the stands and the ring. It was amazing how quickly everyone scurried to safety! Yes, it all made quite an impression on me as well.

    Great pics and blog. Thanks.

    Next Friday we will be thinking of you two senoritas as your aunts and sisses meet at Mary’s for movie night to watch Almodovar’s “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.” Too bad I can’t have the lesson in Paella making b4 as we could have that in honor of Almodovar and Spain and you 2. Sigh…

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