¡fiesta fiesta!

So last week Salamanca was celebrating their week of fiestas, which basically means that this small university town was transformed into an all out celebration.  On all the streets there were “casetas” which are stands where bars ad restaurants sell tapas and drinks.   Each caseta had a “pincho de feria”, which was the best and cheapest, and the pincho and drink combo only cost 1,80 euros.  besides the many casteas throughout the city there was a different concert in the plaza mayor every night and several other activities.  Below is what I have been up to!


On the first day of the fiestas there was a procession of several people dressed in traditional castilian attire that went all through the city. The procession ended at the cathedral where all the participants offered flowers to the virgin. Then afterwards everyone went back to their modern lives, the woman in the picture was having tapas with her husband when I asked for a picture.


After the procession the fiestas started off with a boom with a fireworks show down by the river. Everyone and their mom was there! so it was really fun to watch the show and hear everyone's reactions too.


After the fireworks a few girls from my group and I stopped by a caseta for a small pincho.


On another night Fran invited me out for tapas at the casetas with two of his friends. The girl on the right is Lourdes and we are going to have an inter-cambio together.


This picture is of one of the FREE concerts that was in the Plaza Mayor. This is Pintingo, a pretty famous Spanish singer who does flamenco music. His specialty is doing english songs in spanish, my favorite was his version of "Killing me Softly". Here is a link to his video if you are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gwmj5nK3udU


During the week there was a carnival just outside the city, but still within walking distance. It was pretty much the same as any carnival or fair in the United States, but the different culture definitely did provide some stark contrasts. For example, when I took this picture there was a man standing nearby dressed as a clown holding balloon animals in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I would have taken a picture of him too but the idea of being chased by a clown is scary enough, let alone one holding a cigarette lol.

Yesterday was the last day of the fiestas so today was kind of sad to go back to reality, but then again what is reality when you are studying abroad? lol



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5 responses to “¡fiesta fiesta!

  1. darkcloth

    Shore does look Fun

  2. Mom

    Hey Whitney…love the pictures and your descriptions! It looks like you are having soooo much fun! Keep on bloggin’!! xxoo

  3. barbara hawkins

    Hey Whitney! love the blog entries, love the photos. Your picture of the fireworks is amazing! It sounds to me like you are having a most fabulous experience! BTW, how are classes?

  4. barbara hawkins

    hey Whitney! Love the blog! I’ve tried to leave comments, and what keeps coming up is that they are “awaiting moderation”–what does that mean? And how do I get it out of there and into an actual comment? Your ability to answer, of course, depends on whether or not this comment gets posted or goes to “awaiting moderation”! ….

  5. Catherine Rowe

    And, Whitney, how about your family you are living with. Do you like them, etc.?
    LOL about the clown holding the cigarette.

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