The party’s over… but another is just beginning

So last friday my mom, sisters and I left Mary and Lisa in Salamanca and took the bus to Madrid.  I had to meet up with my ISA group and they stayed in Madrid for the night before flying back home to the states.

It was really hard to end that part of my Spain experience.  I don’t think the fact that I had moved to another country for a year hit me until they left.  While we were together everyday seemed to go on forever, which was perfect because each day was filled with exciting new things and being together was so much fun. In Madrid, when I said good-bye to my mom and sisters, I was in their hotel room and had to go to my room in the hotel next door.  It was EXTREMELY hard to say goodbye.  I didn’t realize how much I missed everyone from home until I said goodbye to my mom and sisters.  Needless to say there were a lot of tears and philosophical observations by my mother (jk momma…. kind of lol).  Walking back to my own room and then trying to fall asleep in a room with a girl I had just met has definitely been the hardest part of my time in Spain.

The next four days were an orientation with my program, starting in Madrid and then traveling to Toledo.  It was really cool to see new things but it was also kind of exhausting so I was really glad to return to Salamanca and meet my host family.  My host mom is Lourdes and she has two daughters, but the daughters don’t really stick around too much so I haven’t really been able to talk to them.  Lourdes however is really great, she is a great cook and she is really pretty.  She does her hair and make up perfectly every single day, and judging by her wardrobe and personality, I am pretty sure I will see her out at a bar sometime this year.  I definitely think I got the cool mom, so it’s nice to not have that part change, right momma? lol

I started classes yesterday and I actually am having a lot of fun in them so far, although I haven’t much work yet so that probably has something to do with my sentiment.  It’s cool because I am meeting people from France, Hungary, Austria, Brazil, China and Japan, but we all have to speak in Spanish because there is no common language.  It is so cool to meet people from everywhere, hopefully I become great friends with them all so I can visit everywhere and have a place to stay.

Okay so that is all for now… next week Salamanca is having their fiestas, which is a series of activities like concerts and bull fights  so I am sure I will have more to write later.  Love and Miss you all! comment, email or facebook me with updates about you!



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7 responses to “The party’s over… but another is just beginning

  1. Claire

    Ney Ney! Miss you and I am thinking about you as you are studying abroad!!! I think my friend Mona Khaled is on the same program as you (she was talking about the same places and she left just a little while ago!) She also is huge on Unicamp! (Her name is Moka). Also, SO excited to read about your adventures!!! But I hope you are having a FANTASTIC time and I can’t wait to see you when you get back!
    Love, Rey- Rey

  2. Trish

    Whitney!!! I finally got a chance to get on here and read…so fun!!! Love your posts!! Keep ’em coming, I’m loving reading them, and it lets us understand your time there so much more! Woo hoo!! XXOOO P.S. It’s under 100 degrees here today, at last – only 92 at high noon!!

  3. Trish

    Whitney – finally getting a chance to check this out! GREAT blog, love reading it! Keep ’em coming! Miss you!!! XXOO

  4. Yah Yah

    Ney Ney! I’m so glad things are going well so far… The trip with your sisters and momma sounded so great, and it’s sweeeeet that you are going to be a Spanish WHIZ when you get back. Okayyy well I miss you and I’ll be checking this thing whenever I can. Have fun and be safe!

  5. Mary

    Hey Whitney, I am finally reading your blog from home!! I LOVE it!!! So keep it coming!! Miss you.

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