My sisters Kirstin, Elizabeth and I took the bus up to Galicia this past weekend, it’s is about a 5.5 hour ride.  Since we were an odd number one of us had to sit by ourselves, I didn’t think it would be so bad so I volunteered for the ride there.  I thanked the bus seat gods as a handsome 20-something Spaniard scooted by me to share the row.  Apparently these same gods changed their minds because it wasn’t even two minutes later when and oversized man with the worse body odor I have ever experienced told my handsome neighbor that he was in his seat.  I got up to let these men switch seats while turning to my sisters (sitting together across the aisle laughing at the situation) and giving them a horrible look, I had to be mad at someone right?

I endured just under 2 hours of the 5.5 hour ride next to my smelly neighbor (who also made a weird sucking noise every few seconds) until we reached our first stop.  My sisters suggested I move seats to an empty spot in the back of the bus, and I happily took their advice.  The rest of the ride went by smoothly.

When we got to our stop in Galicia, Liz’s friend Fran and his girlfriend Teresa were there to pick us up and start our long weekend of seeing beautiful beaches, views and towns.  Galicia is known for its seafood, and man did we get to know Galicia’s seafood! My favorite was pulpo (octopus) which we ate three different times, one time as the main topping on a pizza.  Fran and Teresa were incredibly generous by letting us stay in their apartment, and planning our days all around the area.  I loved Galicia, but I was still happy to come back to Salamanca, which is already starting to feel like home.



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2 responses to “Galicia

  1. Kristy

    Moral of the story: carry febreeze in case you sit by stinky strangers! Lol

  2. lovelylanay

    hahaha that is so funny–the part about the cute guy && smelly fat guy.

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